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PX Showroom in-stock
November 16, 2017
New PX Headphone in-stock - get yours today!

Put it on and it turns on. Take it off and it returns to stand-by mode. Lift an ear cup to talk, or hang it around your neck, and PX pauses the music, resuming playback when you're ready to listen. It's as if PX is an extension of you, always perfectly anticipating your needs. PX's active noise cancelling signal has been painstakingly refined to block out ambient sound without affecting the listening experience. With three environment filters (Flight, City and Office), PX always delivers optimum isolation, wherever you are. Lose the discractions, feel more of your music. 


Stein has the PX headphones in both Black and Gold currently in-stock. Come pick up the perfect gift for others (or yourself) today!